Learn Why We Think Music is the Best Tool in Educating Children

Buzz buzz to everyone and welcome to the Bug Songs blog! Our CD of educational songs for kids was created to give kids something fun to sing and dance to while also teaching them all about bugs! We know that the eagerness to learn about bugs, music, and teaching stem far past  hearing our CD and musical performances, so we’ve implemented this blog to fulfill all of your learning needs. Make sure to check back here regularly for updates and information.

Today, we’ll chat all about why learning through music is one of the best, and most efficient, ways for kids to learn. Since a great education is a child’s best tool for success, we’ve created our CD of thirteen learning songs about bugs to give them a fun, yet educational, way to get in touch with the creepy crawlers in their backyards! Music is arguably the best tool to help kids learn in a way that sticks with them until they get old, when they could then pass on the songs to children of their own. Here’s why learning through music is the best way to learn:

It’s Enjoyable

Do you remember being a kid and having to sit through long and boring classes? Were those classes rarely enjoyable? Even the most creative and engaging teachers can have trouble keeping their elementary school children alert during class. Face it, school can be boring! Music, however, has that always enjoyable element that can turn even the most boring of lessons into a dance party… literally! Songs are catchy and most people, especially kids, have a playlist of their favorite songs to get jiggy to. Make some of your kids’ favorite music educational and order our CD of Bug Songs today!

You Can Take it on the Go

Unless your kids are magical, chances are, they’ll get extremely nauseous if they attempt to read on a car ride! Luckily, a book is far from the only learning mechanism that exists for a kid. Music is the quintessential car ride companion that gives kids something to entertain them and, potentially, something to give them plenty of fun things to learn about! What’s cool about music too, is that you don’t even need a CD player, iPod, or speakers to make it; just some good ol’ creativity and your voices.

Easier for Kids to Remember

As kids grow up, they’re taking in thousands of facts and new information every day. Things cold begin to get rather confusing and overwhelming for the youngsters, especially in school. Children have a mind that takes in new information in a very specific, organizational way. Therefore, educational songs and rhymes, which are catchy and easier to remember than straight up facts, are the perfect learning tool for children.

Bug Songs believes that the insect world around us is super interesting and want to teach kids (and their parents!) everywhere about bugs in the most enjoyable way possible. Be sure to check out and download our Bug Songs CD and schedule a performance at your school today!