These are Our Favorite Places to Jam to Songs About Bugs!  

A song, is a song, is a SONG! And who doesn’t love a good tune? Luckily for you, our Bug Songs CD is both catchy and informative. With an album chock full of songs about bugs and the insect world, we know that our teaching songs will leave you buzzing about for hours. While the musical genius behind Bug Songs is certainly available to jam out at your local elementary school or community library, the Bug Songs CD is the perfect tag along album to bring on all of your journeys! Even better, the album is available through iTunes, Amazon, and more! Here are some of our favorite places to jam out to some educational songs about bugs!

Car Rides

Whether you’re trekking along with the kiddos to Trader Joes to pick up some yummy ingredients or packing away to a weekend trip to Disney, we know that bug songs will make the journey that much more enjoyable! Just pop Bug Songs into the stereo and start singing and dancing all the way to your destination!  

The Classroom

Like we’ve said before, music is just so much better for education! If a live performance of Bug Songs isn’t an option quite yet, take the easier route of blasting the CD in the classroom. Follow along to the educational songs with pictures and complementary lessons! Even better, have the students put together a live performance with costumes and all! Be sure to send us photos of the event so that we could post it to the site!

The Backyard

What’s a better place to learn about bugs than in their own habitat! Get yourself one of those nifty bluetooth speakers and jam out in the grass to Bug Songs. In the spring and summer, bugs and insects should be crawling through your party so point them out as they pass! Be careful not to harm them though. Remember, bugs are much more afraid of you than you are of them!

Before Bed

Energetic kids? What’s a better way to spend that energy than through the power of song and dance! Get the kids moving and grooving at home after dinner with our educational songs about bugs. See who can do the best bug like dancing and make the best bug sounds! It’s fun for the whole entire family!

Summer Camp

If you’ve been to overnight summer camp as a child, then you’re well aware of all of the bugs that creep and crawl through the cabins and tents! Unfortunately, many kids get scared around the little insects, thus making for a spoiled experience. Help remove the fear that surrounds insects with Bug Songs! These educational songs about bugs and insects teaches kids all about how bugs are friends, not monsters! Play the CD at a campfire or, even better, have someone play the guitar in the toon of buzz buzz for the ultimate summer camp experience!